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Modern Hybrid Kilt

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Embrace your Scottish heritage with a contemporary twist on a classic kilt with the Modern Tartan Kilt. This kilt features your choice of a classic tartan pattern that is cut into a more fashionable, modern kilt that is ready to be worn.

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Modern Hybrid Kilt

Our modern hybrid kilts are always a hit at music festivals, and because we custom make each kilt, you can be certain that you’ll get one that will fit you awesomely and perfectly reflect your individuality and sense of style.A Hybrid Kilt is a heavy-duty utility kilt made out of two fabrics instead of just one.The Hybrid Kilts feature different storage options like pockets and pouches. You can carry many items in your kilt, so you can spend the day enjoying the music festival and not having to head back to your campsite constantly to get things you need.

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