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All measurements are in inches

Kilts & Kilt Skirts

Waist (the stomach at the navel which is the widest for men; narrowest for women. Where women wear their belts.)
Ledge of Hip Bone (This is where men would wear a belt with a pair of pants)
Hips (The widest part around the seat)
Length (Taken from the ledge of hip bone to middle knee while standing straight; we add 2" to this measurement. Provide total lengths for below knee skirts, we will not add 2" to these type skirts.)
Trouser Inseam
Your Height (in feet and inches)
Total length of a kilt you currently own Pleating choice (place "X" in choice):
To the sett (plaid) or to the line. If left unanswered, pleating will be done to the sett.
Please select shade of tartan you desire for your kilt and skirts Modern Ancient Muted Weathered.


Stomach (at the widest part of the navel NOT your pant size)
Measurement of a sleeve from a jacket you own
Your Height
Your Weight