• How to Choose the Best Kilt Fabric?

    How to Choose the Best Kilt Fabric?
    Origins of Kilt: The kilt, a symbol of Scottish heritage, traces its origins to the 16th century. Initially a practical garment worn by Highlanders, it evolved into a cultural emblem synonymous with Scotland. The traditional kilt, characterized by its tartan pattern, gained prominence during the Victorian era. Its roots can be traced to the "feileadh mor," a belted plaid draped over the shoulder and...
  • Kilt vs Skirt: The Differences & Similarities

    Kilt vs Skirt: The Differences & Similarities
    What is Kilt? A kilt is a traditional Scottish garment that originated in the 16th century. Typically worn by men, it is a knee-length skirt like garment made of woolen fabric, often plaid or tartan, and secured with a belt. They are emblematic of Scottish culture and are associated with formal occasions like weddings or cultural events. They feature pleats at the back, providing...
  • Why do Scots Wear Kilts?

    Why do Scots Wear Kilts?
    Early Origins of the Kilt The kilt has its origins in the Iron Age (500 BC) among the Celts in Scotland and Ireland. Early forms included "braccae" (woven wool trousers) and "lèine" (a linen or wool shirt). Archaeological finds, like the Falkirk Tartan, showcase early kilt-like garments. The kilt as we know it today originated in the first quarter of the eighteenth century and...
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