Tartan Contemporary Kilt
Tartan Contemporary Kilt If you are Scottish, nothing shows the pride of your motherland quite like the wearing of a kilt. You can opt to wear the tartan of your originating clan, family, or region. Even if you choose not...
$90.00 $60.00
Traditional 8 Yard Tartan Kilt
Traditional 8 Yard Tartan Kilt The Traditional 8 yard tartan kilt is the ultimate in traditional Scottish wear. Produced from the finest acrylic wool, these kilts look dramatic at even the most formal occasions.Our kilt shop is constantly bringing in new...
$80.00 $70.00
Premium 5 Yard Tartan Kilt
Premium 5 Yard Tartan Kilt Are you looking for Premium 5 yard tartan kilt in budget and want some help in selecting the perfect kilt accordingly to your clan or ancestry? We’ll be glad to assist you. At Fashion Kilt, we...
$80.00 $49.00
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