What our Customers Says about Us?

Pierre h.


I just received my third order, and my second kilt from the FashionKilt, I guarantee it will not be my last. Both kts are fantastic! I have received so many compliments on my Royalmen Utility Kilt, They have answered all of my questions, they are very easy to work with, and the price point is very competitive. I look forward to ordering my next kilt from them! 

Mathias J

Everything is OK!!

My hybrid kilt is great! good quality and good measures everything is ok ! sending is fast. email contacts are fast and the answers are good.

Ryan P.

Amazing Product

This past weekend, the whole wedding party had dressed up in the Modern Utility Kilt we had gotten from the FashionKilt. Through every step of the process in ordering these kilts they have been helpful and supportive in making sure we had a terrific product. When all was said and done the whole group looked amazing and we were a

ll very pleased with how we all looked. 

Thank you so much everyone. 

Keep up the amazing work.

So Far...Excellent!

I always used to wear a kilt, right up until I left the UK. Afterwards I wore my Highland Dress with pride on appropriate occasions until middle age girth made it necessary to pass it on to others. Latterly I lamented the fact that, in Australia the heavy kilts were a) very expensive b) far too hot! c) had to be tailored to fit d) Only came in tartan Then 4 weeks ago I discovered FashionKilt...I ordered a standard kilt with pockets...POCKETS! woo! It fits, quality is fine for the very little money it cost...less than my last pair of dress pants. I immediately ordered another pocket kilt in plain blue. My friends here are envious and I hope to start a trend as kilts are cooler, sexier(I am told) and practical for this climate. Despatch and deliver was super quick, 7 days from order to receipt! Impressed much! Recommended highly. If I could make one suggestion is to make an even lighter weight for the tropics! Thank you guys, I am impressed!

Steven C.

Clear Descriptions help shopping!

FashionKilt website is very easy to maneuver and find information on all of their products. The helpful descriptions make it easier to choose what kilt and you want to wear!


Tartan Kilt

I received my Tartan Kilt today. Sooner than expected and the kilt is very nice. All items arrived and I am very pleased. I would recommend Scottish Kilt Shop if you are new to kilts and want a good value starter kilt for the money. 

Robert P.

I would never lift my kilt to them

I absolutely love the kilt I bought from them... Being 3/4s Scottish I have been known to lift my kilt and tell someone to kiss my... Never would I do that to these people... There products quality is bar none..especially at the price... Their customer service is good... Their products are great... I will definitely be using FashionKilt store as my go to business for my Tartan Kilt attire. Being of the Stewart clan on May dearly departed mothers side of the family it is really nice that I can get a custom made kilt.I love the FashionKilt Ross m. Erickson

Leo M.

Kilt For Wedding

My niece is getting married in 4 weeks. Wanted a kilt in my Tartan Contemporary Kilt. Received it quicker than expected, which was nice. Very good quality for the price. Will purchase from here again

Stefan R.

Ultimate Kilt!

Product took longer to get than I expected... a few weeks in fact. When I finally received my order, I have to say, I was impressed with the quality of this product. I can’t imagine doing better for the price. Worth the wait. Thanks FashionKilt. Nice work.

Patrick C.

Kilt and Suit

Being a UK resident I was greatly pleased with the delivery time of a completely made to order outfit as my tartan is never available off the shelf in the UK and the cloth itself is made to order. FashionKil seem to have a stock as they responded so quickly.

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