• The Ultimate Guidance to Scottish Highland Dress

    The Ultimate Guidance to Scottish Highland Dress
    Complete guide to Scottish Kilt The national dress of Scotland is the kilt, as we know it today. This was designed to affirm and demonstrate the masculinity of men. The first kilts were created for men. It was called kilt because Kilt is a Scottish term meaning “to tuck into”. Because the concepts are almost identical, they called it to kilt their national dress. Where...
  • Wearing a Kilt at School

    Wearing a Kilt at School
    Kilts as a Scottish Uniform for Students Kilts for students? Yes! We are planning to expand our collection of kilts to include college, university, and school kids. The Scottish kilts and tartans trend is currently not just for those involved in a certain vocation. No matter if they are workers, employees, students, or professionals of any kind, everyone can wear a kilt. They have a...
  • Day-to-Day Kilt Styles and Look

    Day-to-Day Kilt Styles and Look
    Everyday Kilts as a Formal attire at Fashionista’s Best Friend Everyday Kilts is an informal kilt designed for wear every day. It’s comfortable to wear and is made of high-quality materials and custom made kilts. To ensure it will last an extended period of time. For everyday wear, kilts are perfect for everyday activities, even games. It’s the Everyday Kilts is a casual Kilt...
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