Buy Brand New Kilt Instead of Renting

Don't Use Old Kilt, Buy a New One

Kilts are making an enormous comeback. Due to the increasing popularity of Celtic festivals, and Scottish Highland Games, kilts are becoming more popular with men. Because they are unique and cool, men also wear kilts to Burning Man and other festivals. Many customers now prefer to buy kilts instead of renting a kilt for a day. This is because there is a growing demand for them. These are just a few reasons why buying Scotland attire is the best option:

A man wearing kilt

A kilt could save you money

You can expect to spend between $40 and $100 when you buy a Traditional Kilt from a Fashion Kilt. For a single-day event, kilt rentals are typically between $75 and $100. All costs are covered once you have paid for the kilt.

Kilts Measurement

The advantage of renting a kilt is that you can make your own outfit. They are pre-made and come in a variety of sizes. You may find the right fit with the men’s kilts you buy. However, the kilt is guaranteed to look great in wedding photos and won’t move around during the Scottish games. You can also add additional items for a relatively low price, such as a kilt scarf or a jacket to your outfit. This will allow you to have a wardrobe that suits every occasion and mood.

Kilts Purity

Before renting a kilt to another customer, kilt rental agencies dry clean them. You are not certain if they dry clean the kilts before renting them to other customers. To avoid further hygiene problems, a Scotish kilt is better.

Men's wearing fine and pure kilts

Formal wearing for a special Occasion

Scotland Kilt – Formal Wear offers the highest quality traditional Highland wear. We will gladly assist you in making your special occasions memorable, such as your prom or wedding.

Our Customer is First Priority

Yes! Providing a good product to our customers is our first priority. The Kilt Outfit includes the Black Prince Charlie Jacket, vest, necktie, Necktie, and Necktie. It also includes a wedding shirt, necktie, and necktie.

Reuse the Kilt

A Scottish Kilt is something you might consider wearing to a Scottish Game, festival, or another event. You won’t need to rent it again, so you can have one in your closet. If you want to look your best on special occasions, your kilt should be made specifically for you. It’s possible to reuse a Scotland kilt if it fits you perfectly.

Qualitative Kilt

You can’t guarantee that you will get it if you rent something. You won’t be able to make any changes if the garment isn’t up to your standards. You can order a kilt at your own pace, even before the event. If the Kilts are not what you want, you can return them. You won’t get the above benefits if you don’t pick the right kilt.

A men wearing Qualitative soft Kilt


The Fashion Kilt website is your best choice for Kilts for every occasion. We can ship your kilt in as little as 4 to 5 weeks, as our prices are the same as rental rates. Our kilts can be made to your exact measurements so that they fit perfectly and are easy to reuse.

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