Made To Measure Genuine Leather Kilt With Latest Styles

The idea that kilts are old fashioned or just for men attending a traditional Scottish wedding could not be further from the truth today. Modern men are beginning to understand the appeal of wearing a kilt, and are seeking out brand new styles from materials like genuine leather to appease their fashion habits. Celebrities like Omar Epps, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, R Kelly, Justin Bieber and Chad Johnson have all been spotted wearing leather kilts, and they’re only the tip of the iceberg. Below, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about this latest fashion trend, give you a brief history, and explore how to maintain your kilt.

What is a kilt?

The kilt is one of the most iconic fashion pieces to come out of Scotland. Effectively, a kilt is like a skirt made for men. Traditionally made from tartan fabric, kilts date back to the 16th-century when they were first worn by Highlanders. British military used the kilt as a formal uniform, but it wasn’t until the 18th-century when tartan cloth was introduced to create the tartan kilt we know today. Fast forward to the nineteenth century, and the traditional scottish kilt had become part of a ceremonial dress and worn only during special occasions and formal events like weddings, sports events and events concerning the Royal Family. Wherever you are in the world, you will no doubt have seen an image of a man wearing a kilt, and instantly associate it with Scotland. It’s as important to the country’s image and culture as its flag or Scottish shortbread - but times are changing.

Leather Kilts

Style of Leather Kilts

Today’s modern men are ‘reclaiming’ the kilt, so to speak, and are finding new designs like Exotic Hybrid Leather Kilt made from genuine leather. Rather than fake leather, which is often inexpensive and lower quality, genuine leather kilts offer a level of sophistication and style, with a gentle nod back to their humble beginnings in Scotland. Perfect for everyday use, attending events, cosplay, or even at work to serve as a tool-belt, a genuine leather kilt is perfect for any fashionable man.

Exotic hybrid leather kilt


Leather Utility Kilt

Leather Utility kilt is a modification of our classic leather kilt and best choice for a person who wants to stand out in a crowd to show off the modern style and Celtic tradition at the same time & it is made from the best quality cow hide leather, its stylish side pockets are specially designed with flap pockets and 3 smaller pocket over it for easy access to belongings and safety.

Utility Leather Kilt

Hybrid Leather Kilt

Enjoy the sleek, sophisticated nature of leather and tartan with this handsome Black Leather Kilt. This kilt features a leather overlay in your choice of navy blue, brown, light gray, dark gray, light brown and red. Beneath this leather selection, you can include the tartan of your choice. Choose from dozens of different tartan styles to include in your kilt in order to mix and match, making this kilt entirely your own.

stylish leather hybrid kilt


Roman Gladiator Warrior Leather Kilt

Warrior Kilt is a bold and one-of-a-kind piece that draws inspiration from the legendary Roman warriors. This kilt is made of high-quality black leather and combines style, comfort, and durability. The design of this kilt features a pleated front and back, with a leather waistband and adjustable buckle straps and buttons for a secure and comfortable fit. The front of the kilt also features a series of metal studs and rivets, giving it a fierce and intimidating look that is sure to make a statement. This Leather Kilt is also highly functional, with two side pockets that are perfect for storing essentials such as phones, wallets, and keys.

Warrior kilt

The pockets are secured with metal snap closures, ensuring that your belongings stay safe and secure. This kilt is custom-made to the wearer's exact measurements to ensure a snug fit. For those who require their kilt sooner, rush delivery options are available. Standard delivery typically takes two to three weeks. The kilt fits comfortably and looks great on the wearer, regardless of their size or body type, thanks to this custom fit. Whether you're heading to a costume party, a reenactment event, or simply want to show off your inner warrior, the Roman Gladiator Warrior Leather Kilt is the perfect choice. With its unique design, high-quality materials, and attention to detail, this kilt is sure to make you stand out from the crowd and exude confidence and power.

How to look after a genuine leather kilt?

If you’re thinking about buying a Geniune Leather Kilt, then it’s important that you know how to look after your new product. Indeed, a kilt should be considered an investment, so keeping it in good condition is a priority so that you can wear it time and time again.

First, try not to wash your kilt, as you’ll remove the natural oils from the leather and cause the finish to look dry or faded. Instead, use a leather cleaner, and regularly apply wax-free moisturizers to the kilt to ensure it remains supple. Finally, try to avoid plastic and use a cotton bag to store your kilt, as this will protect it and stop the leather’s colors from rubbing or causing other damaging issues.

Would you wear a kilt? Let us know in the comments section below, and check back for more great news and tips on looking your best as a modern man in the coming weeks.

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